Charline Foch

PhD researcher (Doctoral centre for intelligent games and games intelligence, university of york, uk)games user researcher.


After studying English literature and taking a detour into film exhibition and curation, I somewhat accidentally landed in the games industry, doing customer support in an indie game studio in Berlin. Two years later, I moved back to the UK and started my PhD, studying experiences of failure in games.I have experience doing research specifically for games, using a range of methods (interviews, surveys, research through and for design, playtests...), working with players and game developers alike.I also have experience working in customer support, community management (forum & in-game moderation) and QA (bug-hunting, playtesting, exploits investigation), and experience working within a game development pipeline.Interested? Get in touch!

- Phantom Frames (2024), a 3D, first-person horror game using procedurally generated rooms, inspired by Slender: the Eight Pages. Developed in 48h for the IGGI Game Jam. Roles: game design, writing, 2D art. Additional unused barks can be found here. Developed in Unity.
- A Trip to the Moon (2023), a platformer mini-game initially conceived as part of a larger series of mini-games. Developed in 48h for the IGGI Game Jam. Roles: game design, art, programming (emergency replacement hours before the deadline, re-starting from scratch). Developed in Unity.
- FuturisTea (2022), a visual novel about creating your own tea ship. Developed in 48h for the Global Game Jam (submitted on iGGi's page). Roles: game and narrative design, writing, art (nature & futuristic props options). Developed with Unity and Fungus.
- Phantas-matcha (2021), a visual novel about making tea and community. Developed in 48h for Ludum Dare 48. Roles: story, writing, and character art. Developed with Unity and Fungus.
- Sir Hootsalot's Quest (2020), a prototype for a game designed to help young people age 14-19 learn about exposure therapy (game design university module, Google drive to be added soon).
- Make Believe (2019), a short game about the joys (and chaos) or creating dream-inducing potions. Developed in Unity.

- "“The game doesn't judge you”: game designers’ perspectives on implementing failure in video games. (2022), Charline Foch & Ben Kirman, FDG Conference 2022.
- “Slow down and look”: Desirable aspects of failure in video games, from the perspective of players. (2021), Charline Foch & Ben Kirman, FDG Conference 2021.
- Desirable aspects of failure in video games: Youtube talk (IGGI Conference 2021).


Below are my contact details, as well as links to my various social media. Do feel free to reach out if you'd like to have a chat!

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @ChaFoch